are condo fees worth it

Condo fees that are too high can be a sign of poor money management on the part of the condo board, but you will have to review the condo documents before being able to say for sure. Also.

Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned investor, you want to pay attention to condo fees – how much are they each month and what.

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These newly built one-bedroom, one-bathroom condos in D.C.’s Petworth are listing for $325,000 to $440,000 – Condo fees range from $103 to $122 per month. [Walkability’s a priority for Park View condo buyer] The condos, which range from about 720 square feet for the one-bedroom units to about 770 square feet.

There really aren’t "normal" condo fees because as the writer pointed out you really have to research what is included in the condo fee. In my condo bldg, we have a staffed front desk and fee covers hot water. For some older bldgs, heat may be covered if generated by steam. Also, my condo fee is based on the square footage of your unit.

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So if buying this house or condo unit is just a “one-time real estate thing”.. So, is paying the HOA fees worth the relief of not having to do deal.

Condo fees are a crucial element in the decision to buy a place – but not worth it when she estimated her budget. "Over a year, or years, that adds up very quickly," she said. "Over a year, or years, that adds up very quickly," she said.

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Condo Talk: How Maintenance Fees are Determined Housing Does it ever make sense to purchase a condo over a home?. I realize condos have fees, but homes also have maintenance.. and mowing on a house. No it’s not worth a 400 bucks a month for condo fees, but when your working 45-50 hours it’s being put in the positives column.