can a retired person get a mortgage

Retirees can get a mortgage with some employment income or none at all. Retired home buyers often have the means to pay cash for a home, but choose to apply for a mortgage for tax purposes, asset.

Little-known rules can help people on a fixed income refinance an existing mortgage or buy a new home. Thinkstock By Rachel L. Sheedy , Editor From Kiplinger’s Retirement Report , October 2013

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Many people think of retirement as a period of life in which working isn’t an option. In reality, it’s a great time to get a. property’s mortgage is already paid off. If you’re willing to sell your.

So I’ve learned that if you’re a retiree with little to no documented income, but plenty of assets, you can certainly get a mortgage to buy a house. And you can probably find a competitive interest rate. But you’ll need to shop around. Some mortgage brokers won’t be familiar with these asset-based kinds of loans.

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You’re never too old for a mortgage. That’s because age is a protected category within the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, a federal law that also bars credit discrimination based on a borrower’s race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status or receipt of public assistance benefits.

you can probably stick with the lower end of that range, but if you have a family and a mortgage, you’re better off focusing on the higher end. Of course, the tricky part of building emergency savings.

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For example, if you’d like to get a 30. huge reason a 15-year mortgage appeals to me is that it can right a challenging financial situation by putting the largest debt behind a person in just 15.

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