how to get off a mortgage after divorce

Even divorce court can’t change the terms of your loan.. The only legal way to take over the loan is to get your ex-spouse’s name off the mortgage. 4 ways to remove an ex from a mortgage.

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Deleting a Mortgage After Divorce | Experian – My ex-spouse was awarded the house and all bills that she has with that house. I want that off my credit report. What ha.. Divorce Deleting a Mortgage After Divorce. By The Experian Team. December 12, 2017. By The Experian Team. December 12, 2017.

My Ex Has Not Removed My Name From The Home Mortgage – The mortgage company now says I cannot remove my name from the mortgage because my ex-wife cannot refinance the home alone. How can I get my name off the marital home mortgage that was required by our divorce decree? Could I just take the house back since my ex-wife cannot afford it? Answer: I am unable to give you legal advice on divorce. I.

Financial tips for women getting a divorce – What are the first potential issues women face when they prepare to get divorced, are in the middle of a divorce, or right after they sign the papers? Suzanne Riss: It’s not just emotionally.

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The last time I tried, right after the divorce, CitiMortgage wanted me to pay $1,000 to take my name off the loan. Then one thought I had, was since he is making the payments on time, maybe I should leave it alone so it can improve my credit score.

Minimize and Simplify: Advice for Men Starting Over After a Divorce – I’m simply someone who went through a divorce and had a life-changing experience. I realized after my ten year. what’s important and drop off every other obligation from your calendar. Politely.

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How to Remove an Ex-Spouse from a Deed After Divorce – How to use a quitclaim deed form or other deed to remove an ex-spouse from title to real estate after a divorce.. see Removing a Spouse from a Mortgage After Divorce for information about removing an ex-spouse. the goal is to simply to take the ex-spouse off of the title to the property.

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Dealing With The Mortgage After A Divorce | Ashby Law, PLLC – Dealing With The Mortgage After A Divorce Marriages may not always last for decades, but some debts do. When a married couple who owns a house divorces, the mortgage debt often exists for longer than the marriage.