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Refinancing to a fixed-rate mortgage Bank of America Refinancing can be done for many reasons, but switching from an adjustable-rate mortgage (or ARM) to a fixed-rate mortgage is one of the most common. The general rule of thumb is that refinancing to a fixed-rate loan makes the most sense when interest rates are low.

Refinance Arm To Fixed – Refinance Arm To Fixed . This value is also referred to as the LTV or loan-to-value ratio. – The previous rule that when applying the ease of modification or refinance loan, the applicant must own at least 20% of the capital value of the current home was canceled.

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How to Refinance from a VA ARM Loan to a Fixed Rate Loan – If you refinance from a VA ARM loan to a fixed rate loan and the payment, including the principal, interest, taxes and insurance does not exceed 20%, it is up to the lender how to proceed. Some lenders may still require you to prove loan affordability. This could mean providing income documentation along with paying for an appraisal. Other.

Refinance ARM to Fixed Rate in California – ID Mortgage Broker – When interest rates are low, many homeowners reap the benefits of the adjustable rate mortgage. However, the situation may change because there is a potential for interest rates to grow and your monthly mortgage payment to increase. In this situation, refinancing ARM to a fixed mortgage rate can be a smart option.

The general rule of thumb is that refinancing to a fixed-rate loan makes the most sense when interest rates are low. While no one can predict whether rates will go up or down in the future, many homeowners are currently taking advantage of today’s low rates to refinance from their adjustable-rate mortgage to a new fixed-rate mortgage.

One of the most common reasons to refinance is to move from an adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, to a fixed-rate loan. With an ARM, your interest rate, and therefore your payment, can go up and down. On a fixed-rate mortgage, by contrast, your rate and your payment stay the same for the life of the loan.

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