reverse mortgage problems for heirs

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Until Aug. 2014, reverse mortgages only protected the borrower from foreclosure, even if there were a non- borrowing spouse. Lenders regularly remove a (younger) spouse from a deed when closing a HECM because: The younger spouse is not yet 62; higher loan proceeds (and origination fees) if remove younger spouse.

Experts say the key to avoiding such problems is for borrowers to understand the full ramifications of a reverse mortgage on their children and spouses. If they want their heirs to inherit the home,

#3 Children & heirs may not agree. They then keep all remaining funds after loan payoff. heirs may keep the home by either paying off the reverse mortgage loan with their own finances, or they may refinance the loan into a traditional mortgage. To learn more about reverse mortgages, loan.

What Heirs Need to Know About Reverse mortgage loans homeowners considering a reverse mortgage loan may be concerned of how it may affect their heirs. Likewise, their loved ones may be worried that a reverse mortgage loan sounds too good to be true.

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My wife’s late uncle lost nearly $10,000 of reverse-mortgage money that way to a caretaker. Last, this method of financing also has the potential to gum up even the best-laid estate planning efforts,

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 · Fortunately, since it is a reverse mortgage, the Executor will have 6-12 months to sell the house and get the affairs in order. Also fortunately, since it is a reverse mortgage, if the home is upside down, the heirs, if any are found, will not be personally liable.

Many lenders recently reduced or eliminated some of the upfront costs associated with taking out a reverse mortgage. That makes these loans even more appealing. But origination fees are not the.

Consumer groups have long railed against reverse mortgages, saying they were often misrepresented by eager salespeople, setting heirs of the borrowers up for. In Detroit, “the biggest problem we’re.