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A Good Faith Estimate (GFE) is an estimate of the payments due upon closing a mortgage loan. A GFE may help you decide which lender to use.

GFE synonyms, GFE pronunciation, GFE translation, English dictionary definition of GFE. abbr. government-furnished equipment abbreviation for girlfriend experience GFE – definition of GFE by The Free Dictionary

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Device GFE acronym meaning defined here. What does GFE stand for in Device? Top GFE acronym definition related to defence: Good for Enterprise

When encrypting a file, the GFE extension is appended on to the end of the file. If your file is example.doc, the new filename would example.doc.gfe once it's.

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Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) (FAR Part 45) is equipment that is owned by the government and delivered to, or made available to a contractor.GFE is normally specified in a Request for Proposal (RFP) or contract. The determination of GFE is usually made by the government Program Manager (PM) and Contracting Officer.

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A good faith estimate (GFE) is a form that lists basic information about the terms of a reverse mortgage loan offer by a lender.

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